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The combination of Busines Profile 10 (BP10) with CliftonStrengths will yield powerful solutions and tools to succeed.

The CliftonStrengths assessment reveals the talent themes that guide your behavior throughout your life without being specific to a particular career, role or job. The Builder Profile 10 assessment reveals your dominant builder talents. Your builder talents enable you to meet the demands of the builder role and have strong, statistically significant linkages to specific outcomes. Gallup designed both of these assessments for personal development and growth by helping individuals focus on areas of strength in their life.

The Builder Profile 10 assessment takes approximately 30 minutes to complete on average.

The Builder Profile 10 assessment is recommended for individuals 14 years old and older.

No. Gallup created the Builder Profile 10 assessment to reveal your builder talents and to offer a common language for conversations about how to best use and develop those talents. BP10 does not determine whether you should or should not be a builder, nor does it offer suggestions on whether or not to start a business. Knowing your unique builder talent profile gives you a clear picture of your areas of builder talent. You can use this information and the various builder resources to focus on the areas of talent that rank the highest for you. You can also begin to create relationships and seek learning opportunities to address areas of lesser talent.

The world needs more builders.

Builders are like entrepreneurs, but they are more than that.

They not only innovate — they build thriving startups, winning teams, strong communities, and better lives for themselves and others.

Gallup has discovered and outlined an approach you can use to build your future.

How you are wired will influence not only what you build, but how you build it. The Builder Profile 10 (BP10) assessment identifies your unique builder talent profile and what kind of builder you are.

Discover and Develop Your Builder Talents

Gallup studied the best entrepreneurs to understand the actions and decisions that lead to business venture creation and growth. After years of research, Gallup identified 10 builder talents, measured by the BP10, that define the best and drive business success:

Confidence: You accurately know yourself and understand others.
Delegator: You recognize that you cannot do everything and are willing to contemplate a shift in style and control.
Determination: You persevere through difficult and seemingly insurmountable obstacles.
Disruptor: You exhibit creativity in taking an existing idea or product and turning it into something better.
Independence: You do whatever needs to be done to build a successful venture.
Knowledge: You constantly search for information that is relevant to growing your business.
Profitability: You make decisions based on observed or anticipated effect on profit.
Relationship: You have high social awareness and an ability to build relationships that are beneficial to your organisation’s survival and growth.
Risk: You instinctively know how to manage high-risk situations.
Selling: You are the best spokesperson for your business.

Start discovering and developing your builder talents now.

Business Profile 10 and CliftonStrengths

CliftonStrengths helps us understand our actions and decisions in various areas. Through the lens of CliftonStrengths, you will be able to apply your builder talents to your maximum advantage. Your best chance for success will come from knowing your natural ability to build. There are four keys to building, the first key being self-awareness. Once you begin the process of self-awareness of your building talents, you will find that using your CliftonStrengths will maximize your potential.

Business Profile 10 (BP10) does not tell people how to follow their builder talents, how to set up a business, or how profitable it will be. Through BP10, you get insight into your builder talent, how to cultivate it, a common language for conversations to develop builder talent and the understanding of how to create complementary partnerships. Through BP10 you will discover the role you play in business and the various builder talents you possess.

R 2630Per Person
  • Builder Profile 10™ at R380*

  • - BP10 Report
  • - Builder tools and resources (eight editable PDFs)
  • - “Build Smart: The Power of You” e-learning module

  • 1x BP10 Unpack Session (90mins)

  • Time Commitment ±1-3 hours
R20 000Per Person
  • Assessments:
  • CliftonStrengths 34 at R1180*
  • Builder Profile 10 at R380*

  • 1x Strengths Unpack Session (90mins)
  • 1x BP10 Unpack Session (90mins)
  • 12x Coaching Sessions (45mins-60mins)

  • Time Commitment ±12-16 hours
  • Frequency: Coaching Session every 2nd week.

Monthly retainer option available to continue developing yourself and your business.

*Price is subject to change without prior notice.

Continue developing yourself.

Monthly retainer option available.

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