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Increase Productivity • Manage Conflict Better • Create Unity & Trust
Sustain Profitability • Find Purpose & Happiness

Solutions to Grow and Improve...


A an evaluation process is used to identify where your business can improve and from there we customise our strategy to your business. You will also learn how your natural abilities shape your business and find ways to employ your strengths in growing your business.


Focused on improving your performance as a leader. Do you sometimes struggle to motivate, inspire, and coach your team? Designed to help you bring out the best in your team and drive optimal engagement.

Teams and Partnerships

Designed to allow team members to work more effectively together and on their own. Resolve challenging team dynamics and change good teams into great ones.


Utilise the real potential of leaders and team members.
Gain higher profitability and increased productivity.


Use your signature strengths to become happier, healthier and more confident.

Hey there

I am Elviera Schreüder

I’m a creative that love all things marketing, business and people. I help individuals, teams and businesses to grow & improve.

I am a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Certified Results Coach (NeuroLeadership Institute) and also an Associate Certified Coach (ICF).

I mainly use these approaches when working with you:

  • Positive Psychology
  • Strengths Psychology
  • Neuroscience
  • Creativity

Individualization • Significance • Learner • Restorative• Belief


Stories of people touched by Virtuous Coaching

Elviera not only is a wonderful friend but a respectable professional! I discovered more of myself during my coaching session with her than I have in months! I am so excited and motivated by the way my strengths were explained and introduced by Elviera! I look forward to situations in everyday life where I can “live” out my strengths in a positive way. Her coaching also helped me to respect others around me, by appreciating and understanding their Strengths better. I highly recommend Elviera for StrengthsFinder Coaching! Elviera is a humble person and very passionate about people and their strengths. I am thankful that our paths crossed!

Deloryse Barnard

A Strengths based lifestyle is invaluable. It is a must if you want to be the best you that you can be. Highly recommended!

Cindy Coetzee

Pharmacists' Assistant at Clicks

Finding out what my strengths are were one of the best things I’ve ever done, thank you Elviera for making this possible!

Monica Booysen Diemont

Owner at Oh Happy Day!

Elviera is an excellent life coach, she helped me understand my strengths in a practical sense and how they may be applied. She also showed me how they work together. She knows how to communicate in a way that you would understand and she is patient. She is motivational that whenever I work on a project with other people I always try and find a way to involve her so that she can motivate and offer her greatness to others. I feel all people should get a session with her to their lives from a new perspective.

Prudence (OPM) Mabasa

Presenter and Producer at Capricorn FM

Amazing! Helped me and my wife understand each other so much better! It’s a must do!

Christiaan Diemont

Elviera has helped me to better understand my strengths, but not only that, the time I spent with her helped me tremendously to get clarity on why I reacted and behaved in a certain way. She is cut out for being a Talent finder guide – she has so much passion for what she is doing and she really is making the client her priority. Suddenly my strengths – Belief, Woo, Responsibility, Positivity and Relator means so much more to me and helps me to become more focused on who I really am and what I am great at doing.

Morne Jacobs

Manager Training and Development at Institute for Performance Management

Knowing what my top 5 strengths are has helped me to better understand myself. It has given me language to express what I feel and explain myself to my loved ones in an understandable way.

Isabel Lamprecht Basson

Wessels Lamprecht Physiotherapists

The StrengthsFinder program presented by Virtuous Coaching has helped me to discover and develop my strengths, which had a positive impact and lasting influence on my performance at work as well as the quality of my marriage and my friendships. I highly recommend Virtuous Coaching and StrengthsFinder.

S.P. Basson

Civil Engineer at S & W Limpopo Consulting Engineers

Since this is my year for personal development, Virtuous Coaching really helped me to identify my strengths and to utilize them in my daily tasks. Thank you.

Rolene Pieterse

Owner and Founder at Creative Pursuits

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